ANBI – Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC

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    Policy plan

    The Directors

    generic President: Gerald Schernewski (DE)
    order Vice-President: Pierpaolo Campostrini (IT) Member: Yvonne Battiau-Queney (FR) site International Secretary: Francisco Taveira Pinto (PT)
    levitra Treasurer: Fred van der Vegte (NL)

    The Payment Policy for Directors

    The payment Policy for Personnel

    Kust & Zee / Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) is well aware that it is working with project grants, sponsorship and membership fees. The remuneration policy is adapted to this and is socially justified very well. Overall, we follow the collective Welfare and Social Services. An inflation or wage increase, however, is no matter of course. Employees of Coastal & Marine Union do not get paid overtime, 13th month bonus, company car or expensive Christmas gifts.

    Also, the level of remuneration of the management team is very moderate and does not exceed scale 12 (collective welfare).

  • Contact

    P.O. Box 11232
    2301 EE Leiden
    The Netherlands

    Tel: +31.71.5122900

    Visiting address
    EUCC International
    Breestraat 89A
    2311 CK Leiden (NL)

    Chamber of Commerce (NL)

    Tax Number (NL)