Green Coasts

  • mosselwad

  • Nature Restoration in the Wadden Sea

    In 2014 the Coastal & Marine Union with some key (research)partners continued to work on the recovery and understanding of survival of mussel beds in the Dutch Wadden Sea. In September a scientific workshop has been organized to exchange and discuss the results of the research. In November 2014 the PhD’s of the projects Mosselwad and Waddensleutels discussed and exchanged the results of their research.

    The above efforts resulted in 2015 in the ‘handbook development and sustainable management of mussel beds in the Wadden Sea’ for managers of this wetland.

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  • Nature conservation in Central & Eastern Europe

    To support Natura 2000 conservation & management objectives the EECONET Action Fund (EAF) has been established in 1995 by the Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC, EUROSITE and Euronatur (European Natural Heritage Fund). It operates as an independent fund for urgent conservation actions in Central & Eastern Europe. The EAF is governed by a Board representing EUCC, EUROSITE, Euronatur, ECNC and an independent President.

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  • duinenrooney

  • European Dune Network

    Coastal dunes are one of the most threatened habitats in Europe according to recent reports required by the EU Habitats Directive. They have suffered significant decline in both their extent and quality due to the impacts of urban development, pine plantations, invasion by alien species, stabilisation trends and the impacts of coastal change, amongst many other things.

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  • Ports and maritime traffic

    Ports and maritime traffic are essential sectors for integrated coastal management and green coasts. EUCC has experience in the sector through the APICE project – Common Mediterranean strategy and local practical Actions for the mitigation of Port, Industries and Cities Emissions. EUCC Mediterranean Centre worked hand-to-hand with the Port Authority of Barcelona and the Catalan Government to outline an emissions mitigation plan. The objective is to improve air quality in the area of Barcelona, namely for PM10 and NOx pollutants. Many of the actions have been mainstreamed into public policies and implemention is ongoing.

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