• Sustainable Tourism

    Employing over 3.2 million people, this sector generates a total of € 183 billion in gross value added and representing over one third of the maritime economy. As much as 51% of bed capacity in hotels across Europe is concentrated in regions with a sea border. Coastal tourism is an economic activity with significant environment and climate related impacts but at the same time has a strong potential to foster environmental protection and biodiversity. EUCC aims to deploy a number of activities that will strengthen the positive, and reduce its negative impacts, by making coastal tourism more sustainable via measuring, awarding and training towards sustainability of coastal destinations in Europe and beyond.

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  • Coastal & Maritime Spatial Planning

    From its start in 1989, EUCC has been Europe’s leading organisation when it comes to the development and implementation of integrated coastal management and the recommendations on this topic. It therefore provides a valuable knowledge base, experience and network to provide support towards meeting the Directive’s requirement of ‘land-sea interactions’.

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