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  • EUCC’s QualityCoast programme is the result of the European Union INTERREG project “Coastal Practice Network” (CoPraNet 2002-2005), led by EUCC. The QualityCoast criteria have been developed to measure the success of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) at local level, in connection to the EU Recommendation for ICZM. People are increasingly interested in sustainability issues, also when selecting their holiday destination. Tourism eco-labels have become common features in travel brochures and websites. Whilst the Blue Flag specifically applies to individual beaches and marinas and Travelife and the Green Key to accommodations, QualityCoast is considering efforts for sustainable tourism in the whole territory of the coastal destination: towns, small regions and islands. With the QualityCoast programme, EUCC aims to establish an international network of coastal communities that share similar values on sustainable and socially responsible tourism, at the same time maintaining high standards in the quality of their tourism offer.

    Since its inception, QualityCoast has awarded 150 municipalities and regions; currently 30 municipalities and regions (“destinations”) are active members of our network. This should reach a critical mass to further mainstream the programme, both in terms of content (improving the criteria) and data management and communication interfaces (improving the website and the award process). The network has also built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which should be adequately gathered and disseminated to network members and other stakeholders.

    In 2013, the European Commission has launched the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) for Sustainable Management of Destinations. All ETIS indicators are now included in the QualityCoast programme. In addition, QualityCoast is also in compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC, established by UN WTO and UNEP). QualityCoast is closely connected to the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR) – a new Destination Sustainability Support System that makes the GSTC and the ETIS indicators operational towards the tourism sector.

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